Monday, June 18, 2012

Review ~ Revlon Perfect Heat 3/4" Spiral Curling Iron

I recently purchased several curling irons, none of which I liked or would work with my hair.  I have very thick hair and lots of it.  I started paying attention to the amount of heat that these products produce, and there is a big difference - of course normally the hotter the better as far as style, but you have to be careful with those so you don't fry your hair.  That's what I love about the Revlon Spiral Curling Iron - it's plenty hot to curl my hair nicely and stay curled all day.  

The Revlon Perfect Heat 3/4" Spiral Curling Iron has many heat settings, from 1 - 30, so if you have fine hair you can use the lower settings.  I always use the highest setting, and my hair turns out perfect every time.

The best part about this product?  The affordability.  You can purchase this product at Wal Mart for under $17.  So if you want a great salon-quality curling iron but don't want to shell out ridiculous amounts of money, this is a great alternative!

More info - Revlon Perfect Heat 3/4" Spiral Curling Iron


  1. Sounds like something my sister would like. I stay away from heating my hair because I'm terrified of damaging it.

  2. Hi Anne! I'm afraid of damaging my hair too, I don't curl my hair everyday, sometimes only once or twice a month. But I found this product by CHI (I know they sell it @ the salon at JC Penneys & probably other salons), but you put it on your hair before you style with heat to keep it from frying your hair. Still not something I would want to do everyday though.